Caring for your Reptile: Chameleon Edition!

At Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital one of the most common reptiles we see is Chameleons. They are very special and have very different needs than cats or dogs. They, in particular, have special requirements for caring and housing. In Alberta, it’s very hard to keep temperature and humidity accurate in cold winters. Here are some tips […]

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Why Does My Dog Scoot?

Picture it you are sitting on your living room floor playing with your dog when all of a sudden he drags his hind end across your carpet. Then you smell an awful odour. Why is my dog doing this? Your dog is trying to express his anal glands by scooting across your carpet.  You might […]

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What is Cherry Eye?

Did you know that dogs and cats have three eyelids? The third eyelid comes from the inner corner of the eye and covers the eye diagonally. Eyes are lubricated by tear film which consists of oil, mucous and water.

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What are Hot Spots?

A hot spot is a skin infection, also known as acute moist dermatitis. Hot spots are most commonly self-induced, meaning the dog has scratched or chewed at a specific spot of skin causing an infection. Besides the scratching/chewing, you may also notice a foul odour and redness to the area.

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The Dangers of the Great Outdoors-Feline Edition

We all know that cats love to explore the outdoors. Most people believe that cats are predators and can handle themselves outside. However, they are also prey and there is, unfortunately, an abundance of potential dangers when your cat is wondering free outside.

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