Registered Veterinary Technologist

I grew up on a farm so it seemed a natural direction for my post-secondary education to go into animal health. I graduated from Olds College in 2006 with a diploma in Animal Health Technology. I have a special interest in anesthesia and small ruminant medicine as there are challenges unique to small animal medicine that really make a person think and plan. I started with Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital in November 2018, there is a fantastic team environment at the clinic, it's very supportive and communicative.

Some fun facts about me are that my first pet was a Cocker/Collie mix named Snooker and I also breed purebred dairy goats and heritage bred waterfowl.


Why Do My Pet’s Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Periodontal Disease -This is the most common reason for teeth requiring extractions.

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