Change a Pet’s Life Day

January 24 is Change a Pet’s Life Day. This is a nationwide event in recognising the many homeless and unwanted pets that are waiting in shelters for their forever home!

There are many shelters in Central Alberta that are over the capacity of animals that are in need of help. I have a special place in my heart for the Red Deer SPCA. I have dedicated many hours there in helping the sick, abused and injured animals to recover both physically and psychologically. My admiration for the SPCA starting in 1991 as my first fur child, Corkie came from there. He had a broken leg that was not repaired by the owner and was surrendered to the SPCA. I started donating my time and agreed to repair Corkie’s leg. I was so excited as a new veterinarian I will get to experience surgery, and I could make a difference in one animal’s life. Little did I know as a young, new veterinarian that Corkie would make the difference in my life! I quickly fell in love with Corkie and adopted him into my family.

Corkie spent 17 ½ years with me and never missed a day coming to work with me at the Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital. Now, many of you have a similar story with heart-warming memories that still bring tears to your eyes! Take a moment to remember the fur children you were so fortunate to have in your life and “paw” it forward by helping a local shelter. This is the day you, can make a difference to the lives of helpless and innocent animals.

Four Ways to Change a Pet’s Life:

  • Adopted an animal from a shelter
  • Give a generous donation
  • Become a foster family
  • Volunteer at a shelter

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

Written by Dr Lisa Lomsnes, Veterinarian