Summer Cruisin’

Beautiful weather is upon us, and it’s time to roll down those windows and enjoy the summer! Our furry friends love it too, especially hanging their head out the window to enjoy the fresh air.

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Why Do Fireworks Scare My Pet?

Loud noises such as fireworks, can be very scary for our pets. They don’t know that fireworks are used to celebrate holidays, or that the colour of them in the sky is pretty.

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Bug Off!

When you go outdoors, those pesky mosquitoes are always buzzing around. We apply bug spray but what about your pet?

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Something to Chew On: Fruit Edition

As obesity in pets has become a growing concern, pet owners often ask what fruits can be used as safe treat replacements for their pet during a weight loss plan, or while on a maintenance diet.

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Taking the Bite out of Lyme Disease

Have you ever wondered if you could get Lyme disease from your pet? That is an excellent question! No, you cannot get Lyme disease directly from your pet, Lyme disease is spread through a tick bite. Often in our neck of the woods, it is the deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) that is the culprit.

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The staff is amazing!! So helpful and kind to all of our fur babies (and to us parents as…

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The ladies at Lomsnes are just the best! One can't ask for a better team. Every time I have gone…

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Dr Lisa and her team have provided us with 12 years of exceptional love and care for our chocolate lab,…

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