Post Surgery Pet Care

Your pet has just had surgery. Now what? Here are a few tips on how to care for your pet during recovery and get them back to normal in no time!

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What are NSAIDs?

A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is a class of medications that reduces and controls pain and inflammation.

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Ultrasound FAQs

Why do an ultrasound?

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Are Essential Oils Safe for My Cat?

Essential Oils have been in the news and in social media recently and there have been many questions that here at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital have heard from our clients. Are essential oils safe to diffuse around cats? Which essential oils can I feed or use on my cat?

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Is Laser Surgery a Good Option for Your Pet?

Lasers are used in human medicine for both treatments and surgeries. But did you know we use them in veterinary medicine as well? 

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The ladies at Lomsnes are just the best! One can't ask for a better team. Every time I have gone…

Daniel Fielder

A HUGE Thank You to Dr. Hayley for your absolute compassion and professionalism in the final moments with our small,…

Glen Thody

Dr Lisa and her team have provided us with 12 years of exceptional love and care for our chocolate lab,…

Sheena Johnson

Wouldnt consider taking my pet to any other doctor in town. The staff genuinely care for each pet and make…

Sheldon Frank

We have been taking our pets to Dr. Lisa for 20-some years. They are very caring and helpful, every…

Virginia Lewis

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