Get Your Cat to the Vet Stress-Free: Make the Carrier a Happy Place

We all understand in the veterinary industry how hard it can be to get your cat to the clinic for their yearly check-up. It can be a stressful experience for your cat and therefore, for you as well.

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Save the Toes!

It is documented that dogs do more damage to household items like furniture, stairways, rugs and personal items (shoes) from chewing then cats do with scratching! We do not remove the teeth from dogs! So why is it acceptable to remove the claws from cats?

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Importance of Cat Check-Ups: Let’s Keep Our Cats Happy and Healthy as Long as We Can!

In veterinary medicine, we always comment on how rarely we will see a cat through their lifetime compared to a dog. Even living in the same household, “Fido” will come every year for vaccinations, deworming, a couple more times for ear infections and when he gets into the garbage etc.

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Stress-Free Vet Visits for Your Cat

Are you worried about taking your cat to the veterinary clinic? We all know that cats don’t like travel especially going to the veterinary clinic.

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Something to Chew On: Vegetable Edition

As obesity in pets has become a growing concern, pet owners often ask what vegetables can be used as safe treat replacements for their pet during a weight loss plan, or while on a maintenance diet.

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Dr Lisa and all her staff are amazing! I have taken my Boxers there for years and they always get…

Ami Brown

We have been taking our 2 dogs and 1 cat there for two years. They have had several surgeries…


Dr. Katie and the Lomsnes staff were so great and welcoming. It was the first time bringing my dog, Lola,…

Jordyn Pennington

The ladies at Lomsnes are just the best! One can't ask for a better team. Every time I have gone…

Daniel Fielder

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