Optimum Care Wellness Plan

Providing comprehensive coverage for your pet's essential healthcare needs.

Preventative Care Plans for Routine Veterinary Care

The Optimum Care Program is a Wellness Plan for cats and dogs of all ages. The plans provide the needed vaccinations, exams, nail trims, and tests to ensure your pet’s in peak health. With routine exams, the chances of finding any potential issues earlier can often result in better outcomes and with convenient monthly payments, budgeting for your pets is simple, affordable, and smart.

Optimum Care Program is a preventive care Wellness Plan designed to:

  • Reduce the cost of pet ownership
  • Keep your pet healthy and happy with important routine care
  • Reduce the risk of disease by detecting any issues early
  • Provide payment flexibility, ideal for convenience and budgeting
  • Provide you with specials that are exclusive to plan members
  • Online Portal to view your plan, revise payment details and update services

The right plan is ready for your pet. For complete program details and to find out which plan would be the best fit for your pet, click on the link below.


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