Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Storm

Summer is storm season in Alberta, and we have been getting hit hard recently in Red Deer and Central Alberta. When a storm alert happens, here are some tips to make sure your pets are safe and away from danger.

  • Ensure your animals are wearing identification that is current. If your pet’s ID tags have an out of date phone number or address, it will take them longer to get back to you. Permanent identification like a tattoo and/or microchip are easy ways to have your animal safely identified. Contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital and the microchip company if you move or change your phone numbers.
  • Outdoor cats or dogs should be brought inside for the duration of the storm. Hail, downed power lines, downed trees, damage to windows and roofs and flying debris can be very dangerous to pets trying to find a place to hide.
  • Before, during and after a storm have a good look around your property. Check for debris in your yard and ensure your fence is still secure.
  • If you know a storm is coming and your pet has storm/thunder anxiety, prepare ahead of time. This could mean exercising them so they are tired, putting on some music to distract them, placing them in their kennel where they feel safe, or going into the basement where it might be quieter.
  • If your pet becomes very stressed during a storm even with the distractions listed above, you can try anti-anxiety products like Thunder Shirts or Mellows. If your pet suffers from severe storm anxiety, contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital for other medications and products that would best help your pet.

If you want to find out more about how you can keep your pet safe and happy during a storm, please contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital for some guidance.

Written by Alicia, Receptionist