150th Anniversary Canada's Confederation

Canada Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Confederation

July 1st is a special celebration and to understand the uniqueness of Canada, please enjoy a few FUN FACTS about of our amazing Nation.

  • Canada’s Motto is A Maris Usque Ad Mare, which means From Sea to Sea
  • “In Flanders’s Fields” is a poem written by World War 1 Col. John McCraea
  • O Canada, Canada’s National Anthem, was written by Robert Stanley Weir in 1927.
  • National Flag (Maple leaf) came to be in 1965 and replaced the Union Jack Flag.
  • The Beaver is Canada’s National Animal Symbol and is the largest rodent in North America. The beaver is the symbol on our Nickel.
  • Loon is known for its unusual call and is the picture on our Loonie
  • Grey Jay, also known as the Canada Jay is now considered the Canadian Official Bird
  • Canada Goose is a well know Canadian bird that fly’s in a distinct “V” formation
  • Only 5 dog Breeds originated in Canada: Canadian Eskimo Dog, Labrador Retriever, Landseer, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever
  • Canada is the second largest Country in the world but has the 4th lowest population density in the world
  • Capital of Canada is Ottawa, the second coldest capital in the world
  • Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories
  • The highest tides in the world occur in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick
  • Canada has the longest coastline of any country
  • Canada has 6 time zones
  • The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Estevan, Saskatchewan is the sunniest place in Canada
  • Nunavut takes up one fifth of Canada’s land area
  • Hockey and Lacrosse are Canada’s National Sports
  • Tim Hortons was started in 1963 by the famous Canadian hockey player, Tim Horton

The Top Ten Canadian Heroes

  1. Tommy Douglas – Father of Medicine and the premier of Saskatchewan that started Health Care
  2. Terry Fox – In 1980, with on leg, ran 143 days and over 5,373km for the awareness of Cancer Research
  3. Pierre Trudeau – 15th Prime Minister of Canada in 1968, known for the implementation of Canada as officially Bilingual
  4. Sir Frederick Banting – In 1932 at the age of 32 he received the medicine Nobel Prize for the invention of Insulin
  5. David Suzuki – Environmentalist that has educated the entire world on the awareness of the “Global Warming”
  6. Lester B. Pearson – 14th Prime Minister of Canada in 1963. He implemented Universal Health Care, Student Loans, Canada Pension Plan and the Maple Leaf Flag as the official flag of Canada. He also, refused Canada’s involvement in the Vietnam War.
  7. Don Cherry – Known for his “Coaches Corner” with Ron Maclean (Red Deerian) on the famous Hockey Nigh in Canada.
  8. Sir A MacDonald -The First Prime Minister of Canada in 1867. He was the dominant figure of the Canadian Confederation.
  9. Alexander Graham Bell – Founder of the Bell Telephone Company for the invention of the telephone
  10. Wayne Gretzky – Known as “The Great One”, greatest hockey player in the NHL. He led the Edmonton Oilers to 4 Stanley Cups.

We are truly blessed to live in Canada! This July enjoy your freedom, fresh air, the beautiful countryside, the love of our family, friends and furry pets!! We wish you all the best for 150th year celebration of Canada.