Congrats on your new kitten! Now what?

Yay! You got a new kitten! There is nothing cuter and fun than watching a kitten explores their new world. Kittens are adorable, carefree and great! So let’s take care of them as best as we can.

What do you need for a new kitten? Great question! Here are some things your new kitten will require.


  • Small enough so a little kitten can get in and out easily
  • Easy to find, start by keeping your kitten in a small area (bathroom, bedroom) so they don’t get lost in a big new environment
  • Unscented, clumping litter seems to be preferable to most cats
  • Scoop often and keep the area clean to ensure a lifetime of liking (and therefore using) their litterbox


  • Get your little fur friend started on a good quality KITTEN food. Good nutrition is the easiest way to keep them healthy and happy
  • Do not be fooled by bright fancy kitten food packaging. Proper nutrition is important so speak to your veterinarian team regarding the appropriate diet.

Scratching Post and Toys

  • Cats scratch, so make sure they have an area to do it appropriately. Scratching posts are a must! Kittens love to play, climb and scratch on cat trees or scratch posts. This is their own little playground!
  • Toys are important but don’t just throw down the toy and walk away, play with your kitten. Engage, interact! Kittens have sooo much energy and need to be shown by you what types of play are appropriate and which are not. For example biting your hands during play is not acceptable.


  • Get your kitten used to being in a kennel early, leave it out all the time.
  • Blankets, toys, and treats can all help make a kennel feel safe and fun. Then it won’t be so traumatic when you put them in it to travel or go to Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital.


  • Kittens need to be vaccinated and dewormed starting at 8 weeks of age. They require booster vaccinations and a dewormer at 12 and 16 weeks.
  • Vaccinations are critical to protect all kittens. Indoor Kittens need to be vaccinated and protected as well.
  • At the vaccination, our veterinarian will provide a thorough exam of your new furry family member, as well as answer all your kitten related question, ie) nutrition, treats, exercise, spay/neuter, etc.


  • All kittens must be spayed or neutered prior to or around 6 months of age. We all have a role to play in controlling overpopulation of cats and it all starts by being proactive and spaying and neutering your kitten.

If you have adopted a new kitten and have any questions or concerns about any of the items listed please us. Watching a happy and healthy kitten play is one of the cutest and heart warming things you will ever see.