What is Feline Acne?

Feline acne is one of the most common skin conditions in our feline friends but goes largely unnoticed by most pet owners. This isn’t due to lack of love for our cats; it is most often just not seen by owners. When is the last time you looked under your cat’s chin?

Feline acne is a bacterial skin infection under the chin and ranges in severity from mildly inflamed skin to large abscesses that are very painful. It is most often due to irritation from bowls that are unclean.

Cleaning cat bowls daily isn’t typically on people’s to-do list but it goes a long way in preventing this condition. Switching to metal or ceramic bowls is also important since they don’t become deeply scratched like plastic bowls do. These scratches harbor bacteria and also traumatize the chin while eating, creating the perfect environment for a skin infection to occur.

Feline acne is a very common condition noticed during a routine wellness exam , and typically comes as a surprise to pet owners. Once it has been diagnosed, it is treatable with topical cleansers but sometimes antibiotics are required.

To help prevent this from ever being a problem wash their bowls regularly and switch to metal or ceramic bowls! If you notice acne on your cats chin please contact us.