“Paw” It Forward: The Rose Fund

I was very fortunate to work with an amazing woman named Sharon Rose Rodwell. Sharon was four-foot-nothing, with brilliant red hair and wore an oxygen tube 24 hours a day. It is no surprise to those that knew her, that the oxygen tube did not stop her from coming to work every day and keeping me, and the entire veterinary hospital in line. Yes, the red hair definitely represented her determination, so it was a very sad day for all of us here on May 29, 2002, when Sharon passed away. Before her death, she requested to have a fund set up at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital that could offer assistance to the less fortunate by providing necessary medical care for their companion animals.

Over the years, and with the kind generosity of our clients, The Rose Fund is still helping family pets receive care that their owners would otherwise not be able to afford. It was with great surprise when The Rose Fund received generous donations from two special supporters of the cause; Bob Amer and Sandy Smith. In their honour, Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital has provided free spays, neuters, vaccines, deworming, and microchips to over 200 cats and 120 dogs in our community. Just to name a few donators, in the last year, Leonard and Naudia Sztym went through an unbelievable tragedy in the loss of their loving pets. They decided to turn this tragedy around and make something positive out it. Their generous donation assisted clients that had unexpected illness and injuries to their companion animals. We performed emergency surgeries, like bladder surgeries, repaired fractures and various medical treatments like diabetes, kidney disease and heart failure. Also, John and Cheryl have been regular donators to The Rose Fund since 2002. I have witnessed the true integrity of a quiet but amazing man, John; donate to The Rose Fund every time he comes into the hospital! The Rose Fund would not be possible without the small or large donations from clients.

Please, take a minute to “Paw it Forward” and help this cause. Sharon would be so very humbled and gratified to see what has been accomplished thus far.

Thank you for the generous donations that have maintained The Rose Fund for so many years.

by Dr. Lisa Lomsnes, DVM