Beware! National Chocolate Day

Today is one of my favorite days! I can eat chocolate proudly and I do not need to make any excuses. I tell everyone that I am a committed nationalist- to Chocolate!However, at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital, chocolate is one of the most common “poisons” we see in both dogs and cats.

Chocolate contains the active ingredient Theobromine. This ingredient causes serious problems to our furry friends. Do not be fooled by the innocence of chocolate.

Chocolate that is consumed by animals can cause an increase in heart rate, fatal heart arrhythmias, gastrointestinal tract upset, involving vomiting and diarrhea and with large consumption of chocolate, convulsion, seizures and even death. Please be careful with all chocolate especially the baking chocolate bars and chocolate chips.

These products are 10 times more toxic than a regular chocolate bar. If your pet has eaten chocolate, contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital immediately. Treatment is very effective and can range from inducing vomiting, administrating activated charcoal to prevent the chocolate from absorbing, IV fluids, heart medication to stabilize the heart and hospitalization. So next time you have chocolate in your house, do not feel guilty!! Eat it all and be happy, for you have just saved your family pet!

Written by Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital