Paws For Thought; Pitbull Ban

It was a typical Wednesday evening in the Lomsnes household. Preparing dinner, watching the news and chatting. Everything seemed to be fine and in order. My daughter had just come home and as soon as she walked through the door I knew something was up. She threw her books down and said: “We need to talk.” As a mother, I assumed the worst as all parents do. However what came out of her mouth next took me by surprise. She said, “Mom, we need to do something about the Pitbull ban in Quebec.” My daughter has grown up around animals and having a veterinarian as a mother it was no surprise that she soon fell in love with them. When these words fell out of her mouth, I knew she was serious. When she gets passionate about something there is no stopping her, I wonder where she gets that from. Listening to her talk about this issue and the negative assumptions surrounding Pitbulls made me really realize that I needed to speak up.

Pit Bulls are simply just another type of dog that needs love, care, patience, and guidance. I have dealt first hand with many patients that are Pitbulls and of course, have had the opportunity to be part of Trina’s two loving Pitbulls lives; Remi and Rogue. I am aware of the power and strength Pitbulls genetically have but I am also aware of and have seen more often, the charming and charismatic attitude they possess. I have been humbled and honored to be part of so many dog’s lives and as a veterinarian; I will continue to be a strong voice fighting for those who cannot speak for themselves. My experiences with Pitbulls has reinforced my belief that all dogs should be respected equally. I strongly disagree with the ban of Pitbulls that has just been passed in Montreal. I will continue to be an opposition force against any injustice to a particular type of breed.

Below are a couple pictures that truly show the sweet nature of these animals. As a mother, I understand completely the deep protection for your children and I would have never placed my children in a dangerous situation with any dog of any breed. Both my children have formed inseparable bonds with Pitbulls and as a family, we were lucky enough to have them in our lives.

Written by Dr. Lisa Lomsnes