Nail Trimming for Dogs

Dog’s nails continuously grow throughout their life which requires them to be trimmed on a regular basis. Not only can long nails get caught on objects and tear, but dogs that do not have their nails trimmed regularly can develop mobility problems or they can curl over and cause injury to their paw pads. Our Staff here are available to trim your dog’s nails or show you how to do it at home.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

Dog’s nails should be trimmed approximately once a month however it varies for every dog. If they walk on pavement frequently their nails are filed from the pavement and they won’t require trimming as often. Contact our staff and they can discuss a nail trimming protocol based on your dog’s individual needs.

What is the cost of a nail trim for a dog?

The cost of a nail trim is based on your dog’s individual needs. Please contact us to inquire about getting your dog’s nails trimmed.

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