X-ray and Ultrasound

Non-invasive diagnostic tools used to identify internal issues and provide targeted medical care.

Radiographs (x-rays) and Ultrasounds are classified as diagnostic images. In combination with a full physical exam, these images are used by our veterinarians to help determine what is wrong with your dog. X-rays are used to look at bones, muscle tissues and the outline of organs, whereas ultrasounds give our veterinarians the ability to see the inside of an organ. Our in-house digital x-ray equipment provides us with high-quality images within seconds, ensuring patient comfort and efficient results for your veterinarian.

How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

X-rays are a helpful tool in diagnosing broken bones, ligament damage, foreign bodies and many other conditions. Ultrasounds are used to look at all the organs in the abdomen and are especially useful in catching cancerous processes earlier than an x-ray could. If you have any questions about how x-rays and ultrasound can help your dog, please contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital.

How do you prepare your dog for their x-ray appointment?

There is little preparation needed before an x-ray. Sometimes sedation may be used if your dog is in discomfort (broken bones) or if the image needed must be precise (bone x-rays before a specific surgery). The x-rays take minutes to set up and the majority of dogs tolerate it extremely well.

How much do dog x-ray examinations cost?

This depends on what body system is being imaged. Multiple x-rays are taken to get different views of the same part to ensure a proper diagnosis is reached. Please contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital for an accurate treatment plan or book an appointment for a more personalized approach.

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