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All About Pet Insurance

Do you have pet insurance for your pet? If you don’t, you are not alone. Only about 1.5% of Canadian pet owners have insurance for their four legged family member. This number is extremely low when we consider how much they mean to us. 86% of dog owners and 89% of cat owners consider their […]

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Pet Waste Not Wanted

Spring is coming – Finally! With spring comes a few extra things to be aware of as pet owners. First of all, the melting snow reveals all kinds of “surprises” left behind over the winter by irresponsible owners not picking up after their pets. The animal waste that shows up with the melting can cause […]

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Preventing Ticks on your Pet

Ticks have taken over the news in recent years, Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases are coming to light all over North America. Today I just want to talk about how to prevent ticks on your pets and some helpful tips on summer adventures. Ticks love to live in areas of long tall grass […]

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Keeping Cats from Shelters

Awwww! Super cute right? What if I told you that 4 of these 7 adorable little kitties will be back in a shelter or on the streets without a home in the next 3 years.  Shelters in Canada took in over 85,000 cats in 2014 according to shelter surveys conducted by CFHS (Canadian Federation of […]

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Helpless Animals in Need of Adoption

Central Alberta prides itself in supporting its local communities. This means consumers are buying local, participating in farmers markets, supporting community artists, funding local charities, and most importantly avoiding online shopping. So why not adopt a loving pet locally? Adopting dogs/cats from outside of Canada is becoming a new trend. In Canada (2014) more than […]

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