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Don’t Blame the Pit Bull

As a Pitbull lover and a former owner of two Pit bulls, I cannot say it enough “do not blame the Pit bull, blame the owner.” All dogs can misbehave if they are not trained. Some people adopt Pit bulls for the wrong reasons. These owners want the image of strength, intimidation and aggression. This […]

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Is It Old Age or Pet Arthritis?

Determining if your cat has arthritis can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.  Cats don’t think to complain when they are sore – they just keep trying to make us happy! Yet, when a dog is limping or stiff getting up, this is a clear sign that they are experiencing arthritis pain. More subtle clues are easier […]

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What is Involved in a Pet Dental Cleaning?

As a receptionist at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital, I am asked from clients, “What is involved in a dental cleaning for a pet?” To ensure our clients understand the professional services we do for dental cleanings, I will provide you with a “behind the scenes” look at a dental cleaning performed on one of our patients, […]

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Tails of the Land Down Under

Two years ago I made the decision to pack up a single small backpack and buy a one way ticket to the other side of the world- Australia. Little did I know then that ten days after my arrival my first job would land me at the end of a train line in the middle […]

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Common Dental Problems in our Pets

Have you ever wondered if your pet’s mouth is happy and healthy? If so you’re definitely not alone – many owners are unsure of the condition of their pet’s mouth. The reality is that dental disease is a very common medical condition seen in our four-legged companions. Just as in human medicine, maintaining a healthy […]

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