Surviving The Holidays With Your Pet

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring…… wait, what is that in the Christmas tree?  Is it Santa Claus? No, it’s Fluffy hanging on the tree with her claws! Christmas is a happy time of year, but it can be dangerous for your four legged family members. […]

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Community Fun!

The team donating blood at Canadian Blood Services.   Dr. Lisa Skydiving! Dr. Hayley Skydiving!

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“Paw” It Forward: The Rose Fund

I was very fortunate to work with an amazing woman named Sharon Rose Rodwell. Sharon was four-foot-nothing, with brilliant red hair and wore an oxygen tube 24 hours a day.

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Senior Pets & Kids

Here at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital, we frequently hear that “my old dog or my old cat” doesn’t like the kids. A lot of the time people are considering rehoming or euthanizing their long term family member because they are anxious about the things that happen at home. As pets age they tend to change in […]

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Senior Pets: It’s Time To Pay Them Back

Our animal companions provide us with friendship, unconditional love and constant support. Like their human companions, they too age and can struggle with the effect growing older has on our body. Once cats and dogs reach the age of 7 years they are considered seniors. The veterinarians at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital believe the best gift […]

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Lisa is very good at what she does. She is very compassionate and consoling. Lisa and her staff are…

Otto Geratschek

The staff there are amazing they took care of my cat and she is doing well. The staff is very…

Bill Dennis

I absolute love and appreciate all the staff. They treated my family with dignity and respect. Thank you so much…

Vanessa Polak

Great customer service fair prices for what you need and good place to bring your pet dogs


Dr Lisa and all her staff are amazing! I have taken my Boxers there for years and they always get…

Ami Brown