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Senior Pets: It’s Time To Pay Them Back

Our animal companions provide us with friendship, unconditional love and constant support. Like their human companions, they too age and can struggle with the effect growing older has on our body. Once cats and dogs reach the age of 7 years they are considered seniors. The veterinarians at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital believe the best gift […]

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Heart Disease Symptoms in Pets

There are so many things to think and worry about in the world of pet care; “Am I feeding the best food for my cat?”, “What is the best supplement for my dog’s arthritis?” and “When was the last time that I brushed my dog’s teeth?” are just a few examples. And while all of […]

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5 Questions to Ask your Veterinarian

1. How is my pet’s body condition and weight? Even being overweight by a few pounds can lead to significant health problems later in life such as diabetes & joint disease. Studies have shown that animals in lean body condition live longer. The earlier in life you are aware of your pet’s body condition the […]

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Anxiety Jackets for Dogs

Anxiety wraps are vest-like garments designed to calm anxious dogs. The vests work under the theory that pressure applied to the dog’s torso causes a calming effect similar to swaddling a crying infant or hugging a distressed person. Some brands of anxiety wrap include The Original Anxiety Wrap, ThunderShirt (pictured right), and Calm Coat, for […]

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