Can My Pet Get Worms from Other Pets?

This is an excellent question, and the answer is yes! All parasites including fleas, ticks, worms, and mites can be transferred from one pet to another.
Roundworms are the most common intestinal worm and are transferred by one pet eating or sniffing the infected feces of another pet. These worms can also be transferred by pets eating an infected host, such as mice or birds, and they are very common in puppies and kittens, given to them by their mom.

Tapeworms are another intestinal parasite that we see at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital. Unlike other parasites, tapeworms need to first live inside a flea to be able to infect your pet. Your pet is then infected by inadvertently eating the infected flea.

Both dogs and cats can be infested by fleas and can travel from one pet to another by jumping or crawling. Flea control requires both your pet and the environment are cleaned and kept on a parasite prevention protocol until the infestation has been cleared.

Ticks can affect your pet and humans alike. They wait on shrubs and tall grass for an animal or person to move past and they climb onto the host. Ticks are active as long as the temperature is above four degrees Celsius.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to protecting your pet from pesky parasites. Contact Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital to keep your pet parasite free.

Written by Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital


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