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How Does My Dog Show Anxiety

Does your dog hate thunderstorms? What about hiding when people come over? Does your dog cry and destroy things when you leave the house? Dogs can show anxiety in many different ways and to many different things. Your dog can’t speak and tell you that something is stressful but they can act out and tell you something is bothering them.

Anxiety in dogs is shown in many different ways from crying or whining for no reason, constant panting, or wandering around at night. Thunderstorms cause anxiety from pacing to crying or hiding while the storm is happening.

Dog anxiety is also common in our older pets. A lot of dogs start anxiety later in life due to the start of dementia-like symptoms. They start to have trouble seeing or hearing and may also have mobility issues, so it’s stressful or painful to move around.

If your pet has a change in behaviour like thunder phobia, destruction in the house or is crying/whining at odd times it’s time to have a discussion with one of the veterinarians at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital.

Good news is that anxiety can be controlled with medications and supplements. Some medications can be taken for a season (thunderstorm anxiety), and some have to be made every day if they have separation anxiety. There are products like thunder shirts which can be used for any stressful events including car rides.

Separation anxiety if caught early can be resolved with behaviour modifications and medications. The medications we use are safe for long term use and with time can sometimes be decreased to a lower level.

Remember they don’t understand why they feel stressed, so medications aren’t a bad thing to try to help them relax and relieve the constant stress. Constant anxiety without treatment can put a lot of stress on other organs like the heart and gastrointestinal system.

If your dog is experiencing signs of anxiety, it’s a good idea to have a discussion with one of the veterinarians at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital to see what medications/supplements or training is right for your dog.

Written by: Taylor, RVT



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