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Gingivitis in Our Pets

My pet has Ginga-what?! Is it really a big deal if my pet’s gums are a little red…?

Gingivitis is inflammation of gum tissue, and anytime tissue is inflamed it is reacting to something, and this is not very comfortable. The redness is often the first indication that our pet is at the risk of developing periodontal disease = inflammation and infection of tissues surrounding the teeth.
Gingivitis is caused by a buildup of bacterial plaque on the teeth and irritates the tissue along the gumline. This bacteria can cause infection and weaken the tooth’s attachment. When dental disease occurs, this bacteria also have an easy entryway into the bloodstream and can migrate to major organs such as kidney, liver and heart.

Prevention is the best medicine! Gingivitis can be an early indication of dental disease so let’s get ahead of it! Dental diets, regular brushing and veterinary exams can slow or stop the progression of the disease.
Take a peak in your pet’s mouth today and book a dental exam with your veterinarian at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital.

Written by: Amanda, RVT



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