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What Are Good Christmas Gifts for My Dog?

It’s that time of year again, Christmas! The time crunch is on to find the perfect gift for the little (or big!) dog in your life. Most people resort to the standby presents – toys or treats, but there are other gift ideas that can add some excitement to your dog’s daily routine.

For the social dog that has the energy to burn –  consider a day trip to a doggy daycare where they can get indoor exercise and meet some new dog friends. You can also consider a spa day, with a trip to the groomers, or do it yourself dog wash, followed by letting your pooch pick out a new toy from the retail section.

For the dog that has everything, consider donating in their name to a local animal shelter/rescue so less fortunate dogs can benefit from the generosity of your pet.

For a lasting gift, consider pet photos with Santa, usually hosted by your local animal shelter as a fundraiser.

If your dog prefers getting toys or treats, or even just the boxes that the gift comes in, be sure the gift is safe. Dogs should be monitored with all treats, especially with any treat designed to be long-lasting. Toys should be picked based on durability, rather than looks, and taken away from your chewer if the toys start to become compromised.

Christmas is a fun time for everyone in the family, embrace the holidays and cherish the memories created.

The staff and their pets at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital would like to wish you all a safe and healthy holiday season!

Written by: Kate, RVT



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