Pet Camping First Aid

Camping season will soon be upon us. It is a good idea to be prepared if your pet gets into a situation while you are a long drive from Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital. Here are a couple must-haves in your pet’s first aid kit.

Emergency contact information:

Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital number: 403-342-6040

  • Poison control phone number:  (888) 426-4435
  • Directions to the nearest emergency hospital
  • Bandaging material – ie) Kling gauze roll, nonstick telfa pads, tensor bandage, vetrap, white tape, scissors
  • Stop bleeding in case of puncture wounds (apply and hold pressure!)
  • Stabilize limbs in case of injury
  • Apply cool wet compresses to burns


  • To remove foreign objects, if the object is large or penetrating quite deep leave it in and go immediately to a veterinary hospital leave porcupine quills until a veterinarian can remove them.
  • Trying to pull them out can cause them to break off under the skin and migrate. Do Not cut the tips of the quills.

Disinfectants – ie) antibacterial soap, isopropyl alcohol, Polysporin

  • Clean any superficial wounds to help prevent infection
  • Up-to-date vaccinations
  • Protect your pet against disease either from contact with other pets or wildlife. Rabies and other vaccines should be up to date.

Blanket or Towel

  • Keep your pet warm or help carry them if they become injured **remember a pet that is injured may try to bite due to fright or pain, so wrapping them up might be safer for you and them**

Antihistamine – ie) Benadryl

  • In case of an allergic reaction from an insect sting
  • Check with your veterinarian on the appropriate dosage for your pet

Plenty of water & shade

  • Prevent dehydration and heat stroke (if your pet experiences heat stroke, cool them slowly, not with ice water or into a river, and take them immediately to the nearest veterinary hospital)

Tick prevention medications

  • These prescriptions also help with other parasites that your beloved pooch might pick up while scavenging around the campsite

Sometimes things happen and you are unsure whether it warrants a drive to your veterinarian. Should I take my pet to the vet? If you are concerned, go! It is better to be over-worried than too late! No matter the situation, the team at Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital are more than happy to take your phone call and help you decide the best course of action for your pet.

Written by Amanda, Assistant

The ladies at Lomsnes are just the best! One can't ask for a better team. Every time I have gone…

Daniel Fielder

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