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Why Do My Pet’s Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Periodontal Disease – This is the most common reason for teeth requiring extractions. Tartar builds up on the tooth then extends below the gum line resulting in bone loss. This results in inflammation, pain and infection of the tooth root.

Resorptive Lesions (Cavity) – These are due to the body destroying the protective enamel that covers the tooth. This exposes the underlying sensitive tissues and results in a lot of pain. This is much more common in cats than dogs.

Fractured Teeth – Fractures can be very painful and often result in the tooth abscessing.

We want your pet to keep their teeth as much as you do, so we always use digital dental x-rays to see if your pet’s tooth needs to extracted or can be saved!

At Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital we offer dental exams for your pets. Contact us today for us to “Flip Your Pets Lip” to check their teeth.

Written by: Dr. Hayley Biederbeck, Veterinarian



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